I. Objectives:
  1. To foster cohesion among higher education student associations of Macao;
  2. To encourage students to engage in the community and promote the culture of higher education student associations;
  3. To facilitate exchanges among higher education student associations of Macao.
II. Targets: Higher education student associations of Macao, higher education students and the general public.
III. Date and time:
18 August (Sunday) 16:00-18:15 Stage performances and games
16:30-18:30 Booth with interactive games, and cultural creative works
IV. Location: Iao Hon Market Garden
V. Contents: Participants will receive checkpoint cards:
  1. Those who play booth games and watch stage performances will have the opportunities to redeem souvenirs;
  2. Those who vote on the "Best Booth Decoration Award" and "Best Performance Award" may have the chance to win a sports watch.
VI. Enquiry: 2856 3033

Higher Education Bureau