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Venue Reservation Service

1. Venue Reservation Service:

1.1 Applicants must complete the 'Application Form for Reservation (Venue / Mailbox / Locker)' , and submit the form to the Centre in person during office hours by e-mail or fax;

1.2 The Centre will reply by e-mail within five working days following the day of receipt of application form;

1.3 Each time the venue is used, the applicant must show a copy of the application form with the approval of the Centre.

2. Please refer to the 'Rules and Regulations for Reserving Mailboxes, Lockers and Venues' PDFDOC for information about the eligibility of users, quantity, periods, procedures, etc.

3. All association applicants must comply with the 'Conditions of Use of Mailboxes and Lockers' PDFDOC and 'Conditions of Use of Venues' PDFDOC, failing which the Centre reserves the right to terminate the relevant services.

4. Should a typhoon, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstance cause the closure of the Centre, the approved venue reservation service will be cancelled.

5. Available time of venues in the Centre:
Tuesday-Saturday  11:00-20:00

(No lunch break, closed on Mondays, public holidays and days exempted from work.)

The Centre reserves the final right of interpretation and modification of the foregoing Rules and Regulations.