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Centre Introduction


The purpose of the Centre for Higher Education Students opened by the Higher Education Bureau (DSES) is to provide an integrated service platform for higher education students and Macao residents pursuing further education. In addition to providing convenient services for students applying for higher education exams and DSES activities, the Centre releases information related to further education and employment for students. It also offers space for organizing developmental activities, assisting higher education student associations to hold activities, and actively promotes the soft power development of higher education students.

Opening Hours

Tuesday-Saturday  11:00-20:00

(No lunch break, closed on Mondays, public holidays and days exempted from work.)

Venue Introduction

Ground Floor

The reading area is equipped with various sofas of different design styles, providing a comfortable reading space. Meanwhile, as a multi-functional area, it can also be used for holding small lectures and workshops with such equipment as projectors and megaphones.
Reading Area
Materials on higher education institutions in Macao, the mainland of China, Hong Kong and other countries, and different reference books for college admission are collected in the reference area, providing the citizens intending to pursue higher education with the information on further studies in various places. At the same time, there are also books, periodicals and magazines, etc. about career planning and employment for citizens.
Reference Area
There are two computers in the Internet area so that higher education students can search for the information concerning college admission and programs.
Internet Area

First Floor

The conference room that can accommodate 12-14 people has three white board walls, television, telephone, multi-functional printer and other equipment, making it convenient for tertiary students to hold conferences and discussions for social affairs.
Conference Room
There are many comfortable couches in the leisure area, where students can enjoy reading and surfing the Internet. In the leisure area, students are also provided with a space for interactions and sharing, such as small parties, sharing meetings and other developmental activities. In the meantime, when there is application service, there will be an application counter in this area.
Leisure Area
The conference room can be used for holding group discussions and meetings. The lockers can be used by students for storing their belongings.
Meeting Room