Date of class resumption of all tertiary and non-tertiary education institutions and tutorial centres in macao will be postponed until further announcement

  Due to the continued development of the novel coronavirus epidemic, to ensure the health of students and teaching staff, avoid gathering of large crowds, prevent the epidemic from further spreading, the SAR Government has announced that the date of class resumption of various tertiary education institutions, secondary and primary schools and kindergartens, as well as the operation resumption dates of private tutorial centres and continuing education institutions will further be postponed. The arrangements for class resumption will be announced one week before the resumption. Parents are expected to understand the relevant measures for protecting students’ health and cooperate in doing the epidemic prevention work well.

  During the class suspension period, schools should contact and work by using various means of communication or the Internet as well as arrange and correct assignments for students online, reschedule and postpone tests and examinations, so as to cooperate with the SAR Government’s recommendation for the overall epidemic prevention measure, i.e. no crowds gathering and flowing..   

  Students from mainland China studying in local tertiary institutions and cross-border students of non-tertiary education do not need to come to Macao for going to school, and stay at home for self-observation until classes resume.

  The SAR Government will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic; schools, students and parents should also take close note of the latest information about the epidemic released by the SAR Government and make adequate preparations. For details, please visit the website at

  For enquiries, please call the hotline of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Response and Coordination Centre at 28700800.