Higher Education Bureau Urges Faculty and Students to Follow Anti-epidemic Measures and Self-isolate at Home

  Due to the continuous outbreak of the novel coronavirus, in order to ensure the safety and heath of all students, faculty and staff, and prevent the virus from further spreading, the SAR government has announced that the date of class resumption of all higher education institutions of Macao and non-local higher education programmes operating in Macao will be further postponed. Thus, the Higher Education Bureau strongly urges students, faculty and staff to strictly follow instructions of the SAR government on anti-epidemic measures. Students must stay at home during the period of class suspension, and stay away from crowded places when possible. Taking proper preventive measures is highly recommended.

  All students, faculty and staff who returned to Macao during the Chinese New Year holiday must self-isolate at home for 14 days and stay alert to the physical condition. Those feeling unwell should seek medical advice at once and honestly report recent travel record. Furthermore, the Mainland China students of Macao’s higher education institutions, who have returned to the Mainland, must stay at home for self-quarantine until the class resumes, and not return to Macao for the time being.